Behind the visual effects of 'IRON MAN 2'

Upon Successfully delivering all of the elements, Perception moved their attention to something they were fascinated with. While presenting concepts for the presentation, the client noted that one design in particular (see lower left panel of Expo Frames) reminded them of Tony Stark’s phone, a prop seen throughout the film. The moment the people at Marvel mentioned a “it’s like an iPhone, but transparent glass” the team at Perception all knew that whether requested or not, they had to mock up a test of the “Stark-Phone” in action. Since Perception initiated this test without a client brief or context for where it would appear in the film, they used it as a way of exploring several different concepts within a handheld interface, and even shot the scene in their studio.

Perception was given an opportunity to pitch an elaborate series of sequences taking place within Tony Stark’s hologram filled garage workshop. On a brisk 4-day turnaround, they completed this test showing how this holographic environment could exist around Tony, as well as some additional style frames.


Behind the visual effects of ‘IRON MAN 2’

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