Behind the visual effects of 'IRON MAN 2'

Tony Stark’s “smart glass” coffee table was a particularly fascinating element to work with, not only as a cool technical gadget, but as an element that provides context for a new character and an outlet for Tony’s personality. In this sequence, Tony Stark is utilizing the table to conduct a sort of “background check” during an interview with Natalie Rushman (Scarlett Johanson).

The Perception team started by focusing on the general layout of the interface, which allowed them to conceptualize ways for Tony to perform something as simple as a Google search. It was important to Jon Favreau and the team at Marvel Studios that the coffee table interface be legible and logical, while still appearing to be several generations beyond the typical user experience.

Perception presented two versions of each of six concepts. One with the graphics flat in the frame as if a “screenshot” so that Favreau and his team at Marvel could inspect every detail, and a version with the interfaces temporarily compositied into the scene to provide an accurate view of how the interfaces would work in the context of the final shot.


Behind the visual effects of ‘IRON MAN 2’

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